Finance Transformation

Cutting through the Hype

Businessman holding tablet and showing a growing virtual hologram of statistics, graph and chart with arrow up on dark background. Stock market. Business growth, planing and strategy concept.

At nearly every conference and webinar aimed at finance professionals, the subject of Finance Transformation (or Digital Transformation) is at the top of the agenda.

As is often the case, the large management consultancy practices and industry analysts have built large teams around this new buzz-phrase and have added a level of hype and complexity that has many CFOs and finance professionals baffled. However, when you cut through the hype and strip it back to basics, Finance Transformation is a simple principle and is achievable to some degree by every organisation.

In simple terms, what is Finance Transformation?

The purpose of this 5 minute video is to provide you with an introduction to Finance Transformation and why it is such a hot topic.

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