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It is often the case that a Finance Transformation project will require a new technology platform. A common approach is to assign performance of the whole selection process task to an internal resource.

There are three main risks associated with this approach:

  • Extended time to perform the selection process – the reality is that managing a selection process this is not a full-time role and would co-exist with their day job
  • Failure to identify and define requirements – this can be due to their experience (they do not know what they do not know) and not articulating needs in terms that vendors understand
  • Failure to identify and select the most appropriate vendor – caused by not knowing what technology solutions are available in the market

Any one of these could result in failure to select the most appropriate platform for your specific needs, resulting in a lower ROI or putting the whole project at risk. Hence our Platform Identification Advisory service.

What is it?

Our Platform Identification Advisory are consultancy services to help you identify the right technology for your specific needs.

Using our extensive domain knowledge of the workings of the Finance Team, our years of experience in industry and our relationships with the leading technology providers we will:

  • Advise and work with you in delivering the selection process in the defined timescales
  • Provide advice and guidance on defining your current and future requirements
  • Advise on technology solutions that meet your specific needs and budget

We are effectively accelerating you directly to a Request for Proposal (RFP) stage, thus taking out the need for a Request for Information (RFI) stage. We would, of course, still require significant input and ownership from within your organisation.

What do we deliver?

We can bespoke our outputs and deliverables to your requirements and they would normally include:

  • Liaison with internal stakeholders (including your IT team)
  • Advice and assistance with the preparation of the RFP and accompanying documents (using our pre-prepared templates)
  • Recommendations for a shortlist of technology vendors
  • Act as a point of contact/liaison with the vendors Throughout the process (e.g. to brief them on requirements and demonstration agenda)
  • If required, help to define, scope and assess a Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Acting as a sounding board and advisor for the final selection and agreement
  • Assisting you with any internal documentation and approval (e.g. a CAPEX business case)

Note: Our role is to provide you with expert advice and assistance during the selection process. Ultimately, the process remains under your responsibility and under internal ownership.

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