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Finance Transformation Workshops - Finance Utopia


With our Finance Transformation Workshops

We understand that you are not always able to commit internal resource to days and days of meetings and interviews.

We also realise that, at this stage, you may not have a committed budget available for finance transformation until you can identify what your objectives are and what you actually want to do. Therefore, you need concise and pragmatic advice that maximises the use of your time and delivers real value and a vision of the future—the ‘art of the possible’. Hence, our Finance Transformation Workshop.

What is it?

Our Finance Transformation Workshop are face-to-face, interactive meetings that include our consultant(s), key members of your Finance Team and other key stakeholders.

Using our extensive domain knowledge of the workings of the Finance Team, our years of experience in industry and available and emerging technologies we will:

  • Cut through the jargon and help you understand what Finance Transformation and Digital Transformation are and what they could mean to your Finance Team
  • Define the objectives of transformation – explore what you see as the future role of the CFO and the Finance Team within your organisation
  • Review the current of position – core finance processes, the use of technology and benchmarking to other organisations and ‘best-practice’
  • dentify current issues, bottlenecks and any on-going limitations
  • Discuss the ‘art of the possible’
  • Explore what you see as the future role of the CFO and the Finance Team within your organisation

What do we deliver?

The output from the workshop will be a report that sets out:

  • Our findings from the workshop
  • What you see as the future role of the CFO and the Finance Team in your organisation
  • A comprehensive vision for Finance Transformation — how you can reach your full potential
  • The building blocks and how best to get this delivered (with quick wins)
  • Estimated timeline, costs and benefits

This report will provide you with a clear, strategic road map helping you make a business case for Finance Transformation.

Download our Factsheet (Opens a PDF)
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Find out how Finance Transformation can help your team reach their potential