Our 4-Stage Process

Finance transformation workshop

We work with SME and large organisations across any industry sector. Our deep domain expertise is around the core financial processes, with a rapidly developing knowledge of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within the Finance Team.

Our 4-Stage Process

We provide advice and services around our 4-Step transformation approach. These steps can be taken individually in isolation or in sequential steps, whatever works best for your organisation.


the Potential

Here you’ll find our blog, published articles, whitepapers, eBooks and events.


what is possible

Demystifying what is meant by Finance Transformation, analysing the current situation and setting a vision for the future.


the Platform

We help to accelerate any software selection process and ensure you get the right solution.


your Finance Team

Optimise and de-risk your Finance Transformation with expert advice and guidance during implementation.

The Core Financial Processes

In our experience, transformation of the core financial processes delivers the most benefit in the shortest time-scale. These are the processes which are often manually intensive and lend themselves to a high level of automation and efficiency improvement. This includes the Close to Disclose cycle (Record to Report or R2R) and the related Budget, Plan and Forecast process:

Entity Close

The monitoring and orchestration of the ERP close activities, enhancing control and compliance and automation of high-volume reconciliations.

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Report & Analyse

The analysis of results and variances, turning data into information and adding insight and value. This includes dashboards and data visualisation.

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Group Close (Consolidate)

The Group process including data collection, FX translation, intercompany and investment elimination and consolidation

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The automation of the document and report production process for delivery to internal and external stakeholders in various formats.

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Budget, Plan & Forecast

The budget, plan and forecast processes carried out on a periodic basis at financial and operation levels.

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