Transformation Delivery Advisory

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Whilst selecting the right technology platform is important, how it is implemented and delivered to the organisation is of equal importance. We have seen too many projects fail at this stage due to:

  • A failure to maintain focus on delivery
  • Lack of Project Governance
  • A breakdown in communication between your organisation and the technology vendor

In some cases this has caused a delay in delivery, in others a failure to meet expectations or, in extreme circumstances, a complete failure of the project. This is a unacceptable to all parties. Hence our Transformation Delivery Advisory service.

What is it?

Our Transformation Delivery Advisory are consultancy services to help you in successful delivery of your finance transformation project.

This will most often follow on from our Platform Identification Advisory consultancy services although this is does not need to be the case.

Using our extensive knowledge of delivering Finance Transformation we will act as an independent adviser during the transformation helping to maximise the success and return on investment (ROI) of the project.

What do we deliver?

We can bespoke our outputs and deliverables to your requirements and they would normally include:

  • Advice on the level of internal resource commitment to the project (and adherence to it)
  • Advice on the project governance framework (and adherence to it)
  • Attendance at key meetings to ensure focus is maintained
  • Participation in the ‘Project Steering Committee’ providing an experienced and independent voice
  • Provide a channel of communication between your organisation and the technology vendor
  • Post transformation review to ensure objectives have been met

Note: Our role is to provide you with independent expert advice and assistance during the transformation process. This is NOT Project Management which remains an internal responsibility.

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