Choosing the right Platform

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We have many years of experience working with technology vendors who provide solutions to SME and large organisations in and around the Finance Team. We also keep a close eye on new and developing technologies and vendors that are emerging in the market.

Our aim is to identify and work with the most prominent, market leading technology solutions that cover the needs of the Finance Team and can help in delivering Finance Transformation. We spend time with the vendor to understand the ethos of the organisation, capabilities of the solution and the future roadmap. We keep up to date with product development by attending webinars and events where we are able to canvass user experiences. This knowledge enables us to quickly identify and recommend solutions that meet your specific needs. By covering all the leading providers, we can remain technology agnostic, one of our five core values.

We recognise that it is not just the technology that is important, it is how the solution is implemented. In some cases we work directly with technology vendors, in others with accredited business partners. In all cases we look to recommend only those organisations that have a track record of successful delivery.

Technology Capability Matrix

Our Technology Capability Matrix summarises the software vendors and the core financial processes that they cover. We do not detail the coverage within each area, however we do define (in our opinion) their core strengths. The purpose of the matrix is to provide you with an overview of the potential technologies that could be used in a Finance Transformation.

Software VendorEntity Close Report and Analyse Group Close Disclose Budget, Plan and Forecast Core Strength
Software VendorEntity CloseReport & AnalyseGroup CloseDiscloseBudget, Plan & ForecastCore Strength
Adaptive InsightsTrueTrueTrueTrueReporting, planning & analysis
AFC (Solitwork)TrueTrueTrueConsolidation, reporting & analysis
AnaplanTrueTrueTrueTruePlanning & reporting
BlacklineTrueFinance controls & process automation
BoardTrueTrueTrueTrueReporting, planning & analysis
CCH TagetikTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueAll processes within one unified platform
CertentTrueFinancial & Regulatory reporting
Host AnalyticsTrueTrueTrueTrueReporting, planning & analysis
IBMTrueTrueTrueReporting & analysis, planning and consolidation
JedoxTrueTrueTrueReporting, planning & analysis
LucaNetTrueTrueTrueConsolidation, planning & analysis
OneStreamTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueAll processes within one unified platform
OracleTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueAll processes within multiple modules
PreveroTrueTrueTrueTrueReporting, planning & analysis
ProphixTrueTrueTrueReporting, planning & analysis
TrintechTrueFinance controls & process automation
Vena SolutionsTrueTrueTrueReporting, planning & analysis
WorkivaTrueFinancial & Regulatory reporting
XLCubedTrueReporting & analysis

We welcome any vendors who are not included in our matrix, and who wish to be, to contact us.

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